Juliana Latour


Coaching Background:

Juliana has been coaching for four years and has also been a certified learn to skate instructor for four years. She has taken students from basic skills into private lessons for further skill development and performance growth. 

Teaching Background:

Juliana has years of experience coaching basic skills, free-skate and freestyle with her students. She also coaches group numbers in the yearly ice show as well. 

Skating Background:

Juliana skated for 16 years and competed in the following: 

  • ISI Freestyle 6
  • Synchronized skating 
  • Team Compulsory 
  • Intermediate Freestyle 

Juliana has also tested and passed: 

  • Senior Moves 
  • Intermediate Freestyle   
  • Freestyle 6

Coaching Credentials:


  • Learn to Skate USA Instructor 
  • Certified Coach 

Contact Info:

Email: jlatour@my.madonna.edu

Cell: 734-502-3674